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Picspam/commentary on 'The Shakespeare Code'

Posted on 2007.04.11 at 08:29
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Okay, you’ve convinced me. This is a commentary/picspam thing, for (the Shakespeare Code). Big spoilers. If you don’t want to know the plot, don’t click.
Apologies. This one is longer, less relevant and more crazy fangirl-ish than the last.

I have absolutely no idea how to do screencaps, so pictures are nicked form http://doctorwho.time-and-space.co.uk/index.php. I could have uploaded them onto photobucket, but a. I would have been here till next Tuesday and b. I would probably have run out of space so if you want to see them bigger, you just have to double click.

Awww. How romantic.

Or not…

Still. Best not to waste the opportunity.

My brother insists that he had an experience somewhat like this once, after getting very, very drunk.

Oh, and here come the parents. ‘You’ve besmirched our daughter’s virtue, and now you going to have to marry her!’

Or we could just eat you.

Meanwhile, somewhere/when in the time vortex…

“But how does it travel in time? What makes it go?
You see. This is why I love this show. In no other science fiction programme would the answer to that be “it just does.”

“Hold on tight!”
Okay so I might be being just a teensy weensy bit gratuitous with this picture. But seriously, how does he get into those positions? Not that i'm complaining.

“Oh you’re kidding me.”

You mean the TARDIS can actually go back before the Victorian era?

Ha! He thinks he’s so impressive.

Still with the intelligent questions Martha.
“Are we safe…it’s like in the films. You step on a butterfly, you change the future of the human race.” She really is a smart one.
Have you wondered at all, if she’s more brains and less emotion, does that mean that the Doctor is going to have to fill in of the emotional side? That would be odd.

“Alright then, don’t step on any butterflies.” 

“What have butterflies ever done to you?” Sooo very pouty.

“Ah yes! The globe theatre.” I’ve been there! We saw a winter’s tale. 
Can I just take a moment to say how stunning this episode is. I mean sure the plot doesn’t make much sense, but just look at that.

“Miss Jones, will you accompany me to the theatre?"

When you get home you can tell everyone you’ve seen Shakespeare”
Then I could yet sectioned”
I’m really starting to like her.

“Where’s Shakespeare? I wanna see Shakespeare! Author! Author!” (apparently this is where that phrase was invented).

And here he is. The bard himself. Sure he looks nothing like the pictures but we can forgive him that for being rather dishy. Doesn’t quite beat Joseph Fiennes though.

Her again. Liking the dress.

Love’s labour’s won. Never heard of it? Well that’s because it’s the lost play apparently.
“We can tape it! We can flog it. Sell it when we get home. Make a mint.” I would so do that, although didn’t Adam get kicked off for doing something like that?

Luckily the Doctor puts her right.
“That would be bad.”
But instead…

Lets crash Shakespeare’s place
Queue incredible overuse of quotage from the Doctor.

Yay, it’s the psychic paper. I’ve missed the psychic paper.
“I’m Sir Doctor of TARDIS,” *sigh* it just doesn’t sound quite right with ‘and this is Dame Rose of the Powell Estates’ tacked on the end.

Wow. Shakespeare’s out-psychiced the Doctor.

And it’s the master of the revels.

And her again. She gets everywhere…and also changed her clothes with incredible speed. Now that’s a magic power.

The master of the revel’s isn’t a big Shakespeare fan (unlike the Doctor). Also he has poncy clothes. And now he wants to stop the play! *gasp*

“Love’s labour’s one must be performed.” These witched are real thespians.

Sure killing him might seem a little ott, but the show must go on! (Though perhaps if you’re going to kill someone with voodoo, drowning them on dry land isn’t the most subtle way to go about it).

Ooo “Hubble bubble, toil and trouble…” see, I can quote annoyingly too.
Hey, these witches aren’t theatre loving thespians at all. They just want to take over the world. Typical!

Ah. Who needs a toilet bag when you have the doctor?

“There’s only one bed.” Always picks up on these things doesn‘t she.

Somehow this really annoyed me. All the kissing and the carrying last week I could put up with (after all it’s not an RTD script without a bit of pointless snogging?), but I would have killed for a scene like this with Rose. I know we could never have one because it would have confirmed the status of their relationship either way, and got rid of the whole ’are they? aren’t they?’ thing. But this just seemed a little unfair.

“There’s something I’m missing Martha. Something really close. It’s staring me right in the face and I can’t see it.”
…And then he starts talking about Rose. 
“You’re a novice…take you back home tomorrow.”

You’ve gotta feel sorry for Martha at this point. That’s rejection on a pretty spectacular level.

Hey, it’s a Shakespeare puppet. And look, it’s got little shorts and a quill and everything. How cool is that.

Even if it is clearly being used for nefarious purposes.

Luckily, Doctor and Martha to the rescue!

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light…” So we’re quoting EVERYONE now?

Oh, David Tennant must have just loved this. How many actors would kill to be here?

So apparently the it’s all something to do with the architect, so we’re off to visit him in the madhouse! (after a short flirt). Incidentally, is that why we use the phrase Bedlam? Guess so.

And the Doctor gets to be all righteous angery. “I think it helps when you don’t whip them. Now get out!”

And also gets to do the sexy mind reading bit. *Happy dance* I’ve missed this show so much.

And we were all really getting into it, when a witch appears. Only it’s apparently not a witch, it’s some kind of alien (believe it or not). Now this I find kind of odd. I can get magic, and I can get sci-fi, I can even get magic in sci-fi, but don’t have magic and then pass it off as alien science, that’s just weird.

And I can’t say I really get the concept either. Apparently they’re going to use words to bring about the end of the world. 

Oh well, whatever. The point is the Doctor’s going to save the day and he’ wearing the glasses again. It’s enough to keep this shallow fan girl happy.

She’s evil and she talks in rhyme. Terrifying.
“As for you sir Doctor. Fascinating. There, is no name. Why would a man hide his title in such despair?”
I love the little observations that the bad guys always make about him. Doctor Who is very good at giving you just enough information to keep you interested, but never giving you enough that you actually know anything.

“Oh, but look. There’s still one word with the power of the day

“But your heart grows cold. The north wind blows, and carries down the distant…Rose”

Okay Rose/Doctor fan girls. It’s time for unbelievably high sqee-age. “Oh big mistake, ‘cus that name keeps me fighting!”

Right, so that failed. Never mind. Time for plan B. Seduction.

Unfortunately the Doctor’s having none of it…

Okay, plan C. Fly out the window!

…And use voodoo. No, sorry. A “DNA replication module”

“oh happy dagger…”

“here is thy sheath!” Yeah, okay. I’ll stop now.

Fortunately Martha has done this before (the extra heart helps too).

“We’re going the wrong way.”
“No we’re not.”

“We’re going the wrong way!” (Do you sometimes wonder how he ever manages to save the world?)

“And linear 5. 930167.02...co-radiating, cristor, activate.” Yep, sounds like Shakespeare to me.

But don’t worry. Luckily everyone in this weeks episode is a genius, and Shakespeare gets to save the day (wow, that guy can do everything), though I’m still not quite sure how.

The doctor gets a new souvenir…

Martha gets to reject Shakespeare (‘cus she’s too busy being all unrequity about the Doctor)…and, well…

David Tennant really does do looking like a dork with spectacular cuteness.
“Sychorax -I like that” -love that tie in. And it’s all going very well…

Until they get chased away by Queen Elizabeth I. -I so want to find out what he did.

Ah well. On to the next adventure.

So, not the best episode. Good, but not the best. It jumped around a lot and the plot was all over the place, but on the other hand, the set and direction was gorgeous, the characterisation was interesting and it had a lot of good lines. Three out of four’s not bad.


surrender_drthy at 2007-04-11 09:11 (UTC) (Link)
*cracks up*
i'm not going to be able tow atch that episode now, without thinking of all of your comments :D
goldy_dollar at 2007-04-14 03:11 (UTC) (Link)
Yay, picspam! Your comments cracked me up. <3

And I pretty much agree with your episode assessment. Good, but... WHOA, what sort of crack were they smoking when they came up with the plot?!

Okay so I might be being just a teensy weensy bit gratuitous with this picture. But seriously, how does he get into those positions? Not that i'm complaining.

True! I mean, even if we can't see David stick anything in his mouth, at least we get to see some TARDIS porn. Er, yay?

Apparently they’re going to use words to bring about the end of the world.

Heh. Remember that crack thing I was talking about? Yeah.

Luckily everyone in this weeks episode is a genius, and Shakespeare gets to save the day (wow, that guy can do everything), though I’m still not quite sure how.

Harry Potter! God, I hated that. I mean, I didn't mind the "book 7" line, but the whole expelliarmus thing was just... too stupid for me. *le big sigh*
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