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Gridlock pickspam (Apologies for the lateness)

Posted on 2007.04.21 at 15:32
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 Yes, once again it’s that time of the week when I pick out a bunch of pictures form the last episode of doctor who and then make random and obscure comments. Sorry it’s very late this week but I was going back to school and on my A-level year so I had other things on my mind. It’s interesting to see peoples comments on this particular episode because -rather like marmite- everyone either seems to have either loved it or hated it. I personally loved it and actually think it may be one of my favourite ever episodes.
Dear me. These seem to be getting longer. I’m terrible at cutting down.
Pictures taken from http://doctorwho.time-and-space.co.uk/index.php.

You know, the tv programme introducer guy, said that Doctor who was going to be on after the ‘latest travel news’ and for a moment I believed him. Does that make me gullible?

Ah, latest peril; of the week. Give it up little people. You’re on before the opening credits. That means that you’re doomed! Best just accept it now.

See. Told You.

“One trip in the TARDIS and then home…although, I ‘spose we could stretch the definition.”
Oh come on Doctor. We all know she’s staying.

“How about a different planet.”
“Can we go to yours?”
Didn’t you sort of wince at this point? And the Doctor was looking so cheerful too L.
Also note how the smile just drops off his face at this point. It’s all very Christopher Eccleston-ish.

“Come on though…planet of the time lords, that’s gotta be worth a look.”
Nooo Martha. Just drop it! Unfortunately not happening. Is he going to now have to do this with every new travelling companion? I think he needs a manual
“To all new travelling companions. Please note:
Yes it is bigger on the inside.
Indeed I am an alien.
By the way, home planet was blown up. Don’t mention it.
PS in the event of a crash, fall on the floor and laugh hysterically.”

“What’s it like?”
“Yeah it’s beautiful.”
He looks so sad and dejected at this point. *wibbles*. And I love that he chose to pretend that it’s still all there. It’s very…human.

“The sky’s a burnt orange. With the citadel enclosed in a mighty glass dome, shining under the twin suns.”
I think this is the most he’s ever talked about Gallifrey since the new episodes began.. And I think I’ve heard the description before. Susan says something a lot like this in one of the very early episodes.

“Could we go there?”
Her voice. She sounds so heartbrokenly excited.

But obviously we can’t go there. So instead…

Yes it’s New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York. Not quite as nice as when we were last here. 

Hey it’s the face of Boe!

And his evil cat-nun-assassin side kick. 

Poor Martha being taken to the same place as Rose. “Can you say rebound?”
Poor Doctor, not having a clue about girls.

And these crazy people are selling moods apparently.

So understandably the Doctor and Martha aren’t so keen. 

But this girl is. Does forget really count as a mood?
“How much do you want forgetting?” (apparently so).

“My mother and father…they drove off.”
“Yeah but, they might drive back”
Have you noticed that we’re in New New York and yet everyone is English. Ha! I knew that one day we’d take over the world!

Wouldn’t it be terrible if you took the wrong thing by accident. Like you wanted to take ‘confidence’ before an exam, but instead you took ‘forget’. Now that would suck.

And than Martha decides to prove her worth as a true Doctor Who companion, by getting kidnapped.
…And by some pretty crappy kidnappers too. They keep apologising.

But it does allow the Doctor to yell dramatically.

And give a semi ‘you get one chance’ speech.

“Take me back!” Yeah, sorry love. It’s been done.

“I’m Cheen and this is Milo. And I swear we’re sorry” Aw. Aren’t they sweet little kidnappers.
It’ alright. They’re going to drop her off in six years.


It’s a little unfortunate really. I mean I’d have vaguely hoped that the cars of the future might be a little less polutive, but never mind about the. The real question is why the car of the future is a less colourful re-work of the hippie bus?

“”Hey, you daft little streetstrut. What are you doing standing there?”
I seriously love all of characters in this.

Look. It’s jack’s cat-man lovechild! 

And awww. They’ve got kittens!

The Doctor was so in denial when he said he didn’t like cats.

Doctor/Kittens is my new OTP.

Okay. One more.

Poor Brannigan and his wife, being stuck on the road for 12 years. I get in queues on the way to school that occasionally feel like that.
“When’s the next lay-by?”
“Oooo…six months.”

“Rumour has it you can reach up to 30m/ph.”
“Wow. That’s like…crazy” Martha gets the best snarky comments.

“All waste products are recycled as food”

“Thank you for your call. You have been placed on hold.”
Not too much changed there then.

Ah the Christini sisters.
“Be still you’re hearts my handsome girls.”
So definitely related to Jack.

“You know full well we’re not sisters. We’re married.”
Did I mention that I love all these characters?

“They say people go missing on the motorway…never to be seen again…because there’s something living down there, something huge.”
Which is why we’re heading down there. Yay!

At least the Brannigans have got their heads screwed on.
“So we just keep on driving?…For how long?!”

“What if there’s no-one out there…what if the traffic jam never stops?…what if there’s nothing? Just the motorway…Forever!” If the Doctor ever needed a job, he should consider narrating horror movies.

But like Mary Poppins and the Von Trapps before them the people of New Earth have worked out a innovative way to forget all their troubles…


I actually thought there was something rather touching about this. I quite like the idea of them all singing old hymns in order to remember that they’re not alone. I mean it’s something of a manipulation on RTD’s part because there is something very powerful about listening to lots and lots of people singing together and especially since it‘s a familiar song. But I guess it just worked for me.

Worked for Martha as well.
Poor Martha. Feeling a bit overwhelmed.
I do wish that they’d stop giving her Rose’s lines. It’s no good constantly telling us that she’s a different character from Rose and then giving them the same lines.

Oh well. Never mind. The Doctor’s coming to rescue her. 

And cruelly abandoning his coat to do so.
“I love that coat. Janice Joplin gave me that coat.”

“He’s completely insane.”
That, and a bit magnificent.”

All very dramatic. Can this be counted as Time Lord, weird position of the week?

The great thing about all these different cars is that it gave me and my brother a great excuse to have a long and fruitless discussion about what sort new earth of cars we would have. There really isn’t very much to do where we live.

I plan on having a library car, and renting out books to the cars around me. Or maybe a pirate car.

My brother wants to run a car hotel, in which people could stay when they get tired of driving. Yes I do know we’re sad.

Hee. It’s bandit!Doctor!

Well this businessman definitely isn’t getting to work on time.

Meanwhile, rather unsurprisingly, Martha’s car is being attacked by something mysterious.

“Turn everything off and they might not be able to find us…saw it on a film.”
Once again the day is saved, by pop culture. And my mother says I watch too much tv

“Macra.” that’s giant crabs to you and me. I met some crabs like that in Norfolk once. Well, not quite that big but you get the idea. I swear that Macra is actually a setting on my camera.

Oh I forgot about her.
“You got to come with me.” She used to be much more polite.

The guy in the background looks so miffed.


And in a storyline that isn’t even slightly stolen from 'Serenity', the whole of New Earth has been destroyed by a weird drug called bliss.

I quite liked how big this storyline is. There’s something rather interesting about disasters that encompass the whole world. And I think a lot of the storylines in this series have had a more all encompassing feel than previously. What’s really good about this one is that they still manage to give it a very personal feel. 

And now the whole world is reliant upon the face of Boe for all it’s power. Hang on wasn’t he dying?

“The Doctor…he might think of something.” 
“He’s a bit more than that…sometimes I think he likes me, but sometimes I just think he needs someone with him""
You’ve got you’re faith…and I’ve got the Doctor.” oh she’s really fallen hard hasn’t she.

This would make a great roller coaster…well apart from all the dying and stuff.

Just look at the hot geekiness. 

And lo the world is saved by the Doctor’s hot geekiness (and also the face of Boe).

“All drive up” yeah ‘cus that’s not going to cause any kind of horrible pile up or anything.

Heh. The face of Boe looks even more funny when he’s not contained inside a glass jar. How do you think he survived for billions of years like that? What if he got forgotten, or crazy facist people started throwing rocks at him?
“I am the last of my kind, as you are the last of you’re Doctor…but know this time lord…”

“You are not alone.” (|Lovely music here btw).
Yeah ‘cus that makes absolutely no sense. I was really hoping for the big prophesy thing to be something really unexpected like -as my brother suggested- ‘I do have legs!’

And here comes the inevitable heart to heart.
Good for Martha not letting him get away with it. Something Rose, seldom got the Doctor to do was sit down and talk. I think in a way Rose was always too close, and she was -quite understandably- very reluctant to make him do anything that she felt would hurt him further. 

“I lied to you because I liked it.”
I love how honest the Doctor is in this episode. It’s something we often don’t get from his character.

“My people fought a race called the Daleks…and they lost…we lost…everyone lost.”
I thought this was a greet piece of writing.

I came so close to crying at this point. It normally takes a lot to make me cry but David Tennant just has to pull puppy dog eyes and I’m gone.

“The second sun would rise in the south and the mountains would shine…”

Awww. lovely ending-
Hang on just a minute! Didn’t we forget about the GIANT CRABS! They’re still just sitting there under the city. Oh well, maybe they can pour boiling water down there and have giant crab soup.

Next week…Or today actually, Daleks! :D


estrelle_peto at 2007-04-21 17:13 (UTC) (Link)
LMAO! I have a feeling I'm going to look forward to these every week

*grins* Hilarious :)
july_evening at 2007-04-28 16:52 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks. Glad you liked it! The next one’s up now if you want a look.
she who hangs out in libraries
velvet_midnight at 2007-04-21 18:05 (UTC) (Link)
Oooh! This one sounds cool. Well, it's Who so they're all cool, but New New New New New New...yeah...York again? Yay. lol. Your commentaries amuse me, because not only are they, well, amusing, but also gives me bits of info that I can hang onto till I can see the eps for myself. (Did that make any sense? lol) And poor Martha, being brought to the same place as Rose. :)
july_evening at 2007-04-28 16:51 (UTC) (Link)
I do try to keep you in mind when I write them and give a thorough enough explanation that it’ll make sense even if you haven’t seen the episode. I'm glad you enjoy them, and yes that episode was very good. :)
goldy_dollar at 2007-04-21 21:27 (UTC) (Link)

Yay! Recap!

“To all new travelling companions. Please note:
Yes it is bigger on the inside.
Indeed I am an alien.
By the way, home planet was blown up. Don’t mention it.
PS in the event of a crash, fall on the floor and laugh hysterically.”

Aha! That wins. Someone should put that on an LJ icon, it's so good. YEAH. I SAID IT. AN ICON.

I want David to cuddle with kittens every week. I think it would make up for everything in this whole wide world. *G*

Also, I kind of like the idea of Ten just sort of driving off and leaving the Macra there because Ten can be so very irresponsible, you know? And also easily distracted by shiny new things. So I imagine he was all set to sonic the Macra to death, but then he got his coat back, and was so overjoyed, he just forgot. *nods*
july_evening at 2007-04-28 16:47 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Yay! Recap!

Sorry it’s been a week. I’ve barely had time to breath recently.

"Aha! That wins. Someone should put that on an LJ icon, it's so good. YEAH. I SAID IT. AN ICON."
*G* If you find someone who can make icons do feel free to suggest it, but I want a copy.

"I want David to cuddle with kittens every week. I think it would make up for everything in this whole wide world. *G*"
The Daleks would be totally scared off by the cuteness.

Glad you enjoyed it.Thanks for commenting. :) *Hugs*

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