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Harry Potter (no spoilers guys) and floods

Posted on 2007.07.24 at 00:30
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Just taking a break while reading Harry Potter. I’m on page 415. Pathetic I know, but I never was a very fast reader. We couldn’t go out at midnight to get it in the end because everywhere’s flooded. We managed to get it first thing in the morning, which was sort of good because by that evening a large portion of our nearby town was underwater. This kind of puts a dampener (quite literally) on my trying to get a job there. I also almost got stuck at a party there -dressed as a fairy no less- but fortunately managed to get home before all the roads closed.

So now I’m stuck in Aston (which is also completely surrounded by water), reading Harry Potter. Well, I can think of worst fates.

Right. Haven’t finished The Deathly Hallows yet so I won’t discuss it. I did however see the fifth film, and I do feel something of a need to discuss it so, review under cut…

I’m almost always very prejudiced when I first watch a Harry Potter movie. I’m normally so excited that it’s finally out, that I don’t care whether it’s brilliant or terrible, and never draw any solid conclusions before I get it on DVD. However, it think I can safely say, that The Order of the Phoenix is a genuinely good film.l It’s well paced, dark, and the acting is superb.

The first thing I can really say about this film is that it stays VERY close to the book. I mean a few details are missed out but it’s near perfect in that respect. Though in terms of plot this sometimes holds it back. Problem is, the Order of the phoenix is a little bitty as storylines go, which is fine when it’s a book, but I think films benefit from running a little more smoothly. Nevertheless it brings you straight into the action and though it perhaps lags a little in the middle, it’s genuinely exciting to watch.

When I read the book the first time I never really noticed the political commentary in it -again with the too excited it was out thing- but this film brings it out really well. It’s largely about government control in the education system, which has been growing in recent years, much to teachers’ despair. It’s also got a good amount of commentary about the role of the media, in dictating public opinion (on that note, I was rather sad that they missed out the part with the quibbler, from the original book).

Of course we all know that the best part of book five was all the unique new characters, and this film really takes advantage of that. 

I adore Luna, and Evanna Lynch utterly perfect in the role (I get compared to Luna a lot you know, though mostly only when I start going on about fearies)

as is Helena Carter (Bellatrix Lastrange) (I want all her clothes!) like she ever wouldn’t be.

and Natalia Tena (Tonks) (though I was pre-inclined to like her because I saw her in a play quite a while back and thus had decided she was perfect long before I saw the film). 

Imelda Staunton truly makes you despise her, which with Umbridge is really the whole point. Gary Oldman Sirius surprised me by being extremely good and on character in this film, though I still can’t manage to look at David Thewlis who I maintain is horribly miscast as Lupin (Why oh why didn’t they use Paul Bettany?).

The more exciting thing about this film is that…wait for it…Daniel Radcliffe has finally worked out how to act! *throws small party in own head*. Yes it’s true. He can act! He can really act! And not just act a little bit either. He really makes you believe it. He made me like emo Harry. I’m doubly pleased by this because I’ve been saying he would learn since the first movie, and now it’s finally paid off. This is fortunate, because the other two thirds of the trio really don’t feature a lot.

We do of course get that fabled kiss. And the line “it was wet” is also kept in. 

Cho’s character has quite a few changes made to her, which I actually feel are an improvement. She’s far nicer as a dobber than she is as a snivelling wimp. Oh and the Kestrel’s are gorgeous, and perfect, as is the ministry of magic, Grimmauld Place, and just about everything else.

So yeah, it’s good. Very good in fact. Go see it!

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