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There are many reasons why i should be in bed right now....

Posted on 2007.04.06 at 03:03
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...oh well. this is shamelessly stolen from proserpine75

Your Life is Like
Being John Malkovich
What John Cusack Movie Are You?

*makes note to watch said movie*

Okay. Goodnight.


Doctor Who -Episode one comentary

Posted on 2007.04.01 at 15:33
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Okay, so just for the first episode of the new Doctor who series I thought I’d do a commentary, ‘cus, well I’m bored. This’ll probably be the only one I do, but who knows. Pictures shamelessly stolen from http://doctorwho.time-and-space.co.uk. I can't get them up any bigger so wanna see a bigger image, just click.
Spoilers obviously. Don’t look if you don’t want to know.

Posted on 2007.03.30 at 12:50
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So, it’s the anniversary of my dad’s death today. At least I’m pretty sure it’s today, it’s not exactly one of those things you mark on the calendar. Either way I’m choosing to believe that it’s today. So I thought rather than gripe and angst about the one tragedy of my generally reasonably happy childhood, (especially since I already did a bit of that on Tuesday), I’ll just put up some photos of me and my dad, and pictures of daffodils (given the time of year and all), which would be nice because his grave is kind of on a hill in Scotland, so I can’t really visit it. I’ll even throw in an explanation of what happened, since it seems rather silly to go on about it without telling you.

Okay, here goes. My Dad, like a great many other people died of cancer, though he died of a brain tumour which is actually fairly rare. This was eight years ago, so I was ten, though he was ill for a couple years before that. He died in a hospice, which was rather horrible but not as bad as dying in hospital. Anyway, it has secured a lifelong paranoia in me about people getting ill, hence the big panic on Tuesday. There’s plenty more I could say about this but I’m not going to. So all that’s left is to say enjoy the pictures…



Doctor Who, Back on next week!!!!!

Posted on 2007.03.24 at 22:38
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Bounces. Yep, really unhealthily excited about this. One advantage of living in England though, at least there’s about a third of the population to discuss it with. So far, looks very very brilliant, plus the prospect of David Tennant and John Barrowman on the same screen is adding to my unhealthy levels of excitement. As you ca see, little incoherent on this subject, so I’ll just post some videos. Look how cool...

Wow, looks really good, but more importantly, he seems to be making out with Martha in the second one. You'd think they might have given it a little time. I refuse to be against the girl from the start, actually I like the look of her, and I don’t do the whole hard core shipping thing, it give me a headache, I just like to take things and they come. Still ‘alien slutboi tease’ seems rather and appropriate name right now. Muh, maybe he’s possessed, maybe she had time vortex in her mouth, maybe he’s hit his head and is convinced she’s Rose. I guess we’ll find out. :D Okay now you can officially call me sad.

While we’re on the subject of television, ‘Skins’. Right, now I know that none of you lovely people have a clue about this show, but if it ever comes over to America I very much recommend it (though not if your offended by swearing, nudity, sex scenes, drugs, alcohol, or anything in that general area). Not least to ponder over how Nicholas Hoult went from this:

To this

In the space of a few short years.

I guess you could say it’s sort of like the English version of ‘The OC’ except that it really isn’t anything like the OC. Need to give it up to episode 2 to get into it, but here’s a preview-esqu type thing to give you an idea…

Watched the last in the series the other night (only 9 episodes, what’s with that?) and didn’t quite know whether to laugh or cry. Very good ending, but I have to find out what happens now.


Movies and Moping

Posted on 2007.03.11 at 23:05
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 I watched ‘Marie Antoinette’ the other day so felt I ought to review it...

I'm just going to stick this under a cut because hey, i like cuts.Collapse )
Read more...Collapse )

Posted on 2007.03.04 at 23:04
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So we had a scary preacher guy in church today. I mean his sermon was very funny and interesting and all, but do you ever watch a preacher and just think that perhaps they’re slightly crazy. Though to be honest I do start to wonder if perhaps my entire church is pretty bonkers. I can’t be bothered to go on about this particular subject and longer, so I’m just going to post a clip of Eddie Izzard’s take on English, Christian history, which is a pretty good summary. The bit where he sings near the end always makes me crack up, because having been to a church of England I can honestly say they do sound exactly like that.

Oh also, Doctor Who series 3 out on the 31st! Seriously cannot wait.


I think my house is haunted…

Posted on 2007.02.26 at 00:19
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No seriously, I was on my own the other night and I started hearing this banging coming from upstairs, next thing I know the lights start flickering. So like the first person to die in a horror movie, I picked up the iron fire poker (because iron, as everyone knows, has protective properties against evil spirits and also faeries should I happen to come across any of those. It’s also sharp and pointy, so quite good against burglars too) and went to check it out. As you can probably tell, an axe murderer didn’t jump out and spatter my insides all over the walls, though it would serve me right if he had, having broken cardinal horror movie rule number one (ie. don’t decide to go check it out, fire poker or no). Anyway, I didn’t actually find anything, but the banging carried on until my parents got back. Then just today it started again, so bad that the whole house shook. It knocked off my lamp. So I asked my family about it and they said they didn’t hear anything. Robin’s done exorcisms before so he’s not a complete sceptic, (actually he swears that you can feel a breeze as the spirits leave), but he still doesn’t believe me. And now I keep feeling like there’s someone behind me, but that’s probably just me being paranoid right? Right?

Posted on 2007.02.22 at 22:51
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I had SEVEN HOURS of mock exams on Tuesday. Seven! And only one half hour break in between. Bloody ridiculous. I always get to this point about 2 hours in where my brain just rebels and refuses to churn out any more information, but I have extra time, so it’s even worse.

Never mind though, only one left now. Should be studying for it really, but then I’ve already completely flunked my last two RS ones, so I’m tempted to just except my fate. English was alright though, and one of the wonders of studying art is no art mock (‘cus art’s like a 20 hour exam or something). Anyway, just to top it all off I’ve got a theatre trip for English tomorrow evening. It’s a good play, ‘translations’ by Brian Friel, but not what you want just after exams. Plus it’s got the most utterly unsatisfying ending.

Anyway, encase you’re vaguely interested, storyline details behind the cutCollapse )

Oh yeah, and I’ve discovered a whole bunch of new tv programmes to become addicted to (’cus it‘s amazing the things you can suddenly find to do when you‘re meant to be studying for an rs exam). I’ll be the first to admit that most of the tv I watch is rubbish. To be honest I like things on tv that don’t take too much effort. I hate soaps and reality tv but I love those weekly, episodic sort of programmes. You know, the type with slightly over melodramatic storylines and usually some element of fantasy. I did look up Battlestar Galactica, ‘cus I keep hearing around about it, and have come to the conclusion that I really don’t like hard sci-fi, which I find quite encouraging. The ones that really scare me are those that have actual science in them. Feels like they’re trying to teach me stuff while I’m not looking. Plus why bother with real science when you can just say “I’m going to reverse to neutrons on the hyper-temperal-wavelength adjuster” and sound twice as impressive. Ok so I’m a dork, but not a big sci-fi dork. Doctor who totally doesn’t count, that’s fantasy. Right so programmes I have discovered while I should’ve been revising through half term:

Heroes -another one that I’ve been hearing about absolutely everywhere(now finally showing in the UK, yay!). This one however is genuinely very interesting. Gets me all ooo, what’s going to happen next? I love all the different characters (especially the little Japanese guy). They do seem to have stolen most of their ideas from whoever invented X-men, but fortunately have better taste in costumes.

Witch Hunter Robin -Talking about people with cool powers, sure she’s named after my step dad, but she’s pyrokenetic (can you believe that someone actually bothered to think up a word for that) so we’ll forgive her. I do like Anime, but most of it’s awful, so when it’s always nice to find something that’s vaguely decent. However it’s only uploaded on youtube up to episode 15 so I’m going to have to search out the rest. And it was just getting interesting darnit.

Supernatural -I am so addicted to this program now. I was watching it earlier tonight on tv actually and Robin was doing a running commentary on how awful he thinks it is. Ok so it’s not exactly high brow, but I love a bit of horror, and it’s nice to have characters that know what they’re doing so that it’s not all screaming blonds. Plus I never get male relationships so I find them hugely entertaining to watch. If I wanted to see a whole bunch of girls, I’d go to school.

Charmed -This is more of a rediscovered this actually. I never liked this program much before, it always seemed so cheesy, plus the tv channels are stupid and kept changing the time so I could never follow it. But I’ve found out that if you watch it in bulk it’s really quite addictive, and some of the storylines are rather interesting. Of course it helped that I watched the series with drew fuller in it first. What? I go to school with four hundred other girls (yes I know I’ve used that excuse already today) all those teenage hormones have got to be directed somewhere.

One day I will have a car, and a job (probably not in that order), and subsequently a social life. Until then, thank God for youtube.



Posted on 2007.02.08 at 17:12
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Lots and lots of snow! and all the schools in the county where closed…except for mine. Yes indeed, I happen to go to the only school that doesn’t close for almost a foot of snow. We spent the entire bus journey in going “No Jimmy (Jimmy’s the bus driver) don’t make us go! Please, we’ll say the bus broke down, they’ll never know.” But needless to say we did end up having to go, and even more depressingly getting there more or less on time.

But I did get photos on my way in…

I almost felt bad for the teachers , they practically had a full scale mutiny on their hands. I’m surprised that someone didn’t try to burn the school down. The thing is it was a complete waste of time because all the lessons ended up having to be cancelled anyway, in the one lesson we did have we were all so pissed off that we just messed about the whole time and we had to be sent home half way through the day anyway.

We did at least get to have a very big snowball fight, but my aim’s awful so it was mostly me being pelted with snow by my so called friends. Came back in dripping wet and Nicky whose a very classy fashionable girl in my year gave me the most inscrutable look and said “Dear God Sophie, you look like a pleb.” Charming.

Oh and cus’ when I’m bored and pissed off I tend to draw, here’s a quick scribbly drawing of the Snow Queen and poor kidnapped Kay, that I did while wasting time in the common room.

Posted on 2007.02.07 at 20:50
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I had a blood test today, to see why I’ve been feeling crap for the last three months, so now if I’m dying at least I’ll know. Told me mum that if I die now then I’ll have escaped dying from terrorism, bird flue, or global warming and she had a go at me for being morbid.

Apparently the temperature’s going to drop to -30 tonight, so maybe I’ll freeze to death instead (okay maybe I’m being just a teensy weensy bit morbid), but apparently there might be snow, which in middle England is a rare and wondrous thing.

Spent most of today doing print work for my long overdue art project, and now I’m covered in blue ink that won’t come off. Plus one of the office ladies had a big go at me for using the AVI room, which was utterly unjustified, and she was inordinately rude (being treated like a five year old always makes me want to use big words). What is it about being a student that makes people think that they can talk to you like that? I mean you’d never talk to anyone else in that way, and if you did they’d be perfectly justified to snap back at you, and yet I’m expected to be respectful to people who talk to me like that.

So that about sums up my rather unexciting day. I’ll try and put a chapter of curious up tomorrow, but for now, me and my fluffy hot water bottle are going to bed.

Oh, just quickly. proserpine75randomly posted her favourite hp video so I though I’d put up mine. Seriously this video is made of class, and is about not one but two of my favourite things, Harry Potter AND David Tennent. Anyway It’s pretty easy to mostly understand but if you don’t quite get the finer details here’s the link, the comment on the side tells you all about it. 

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